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De wereld van de gameindustrie verkennen

Droom je net als velen van een baan in de gamewereld en weet je niet waar je moet beginnen? Ga dan naar het festival of games in Utrecht. Daar vindt je de belangrijkste gamebedrijven van Nederland (en andere landen), interessante lezingen over nieuwe ontwikkelingen in gamedesign en vele mensen die je kunt aanspreken met de vraag hoe je de gamewereld kunt betreden. (lees hieronder de nieuwsbrief verder in het Engels):

In this brand new issue of the newsletter of Festival of Games VIII, you will find

Creative Spirit Game Conference Program Complete, Check Out the List of Keynotes

The Creative Spirit Game Conference line-up is final. The last additions to our program are:

  • Ard Bonewald, Director of Studio at GameHouse
  • Jeroen Elfferich, CEO at Ex Machina + Mark Sorrel, Development Producer Games and Broadcast at Somethin’ Else
  • Christopher Schmitz, Head of Production at Blue Byte GmbH + Benedikt Grindel, Producer at Blue Byte GmbH
  • Alexander Karpovich, CEO at AlternativaPlatform
  • Korstiaan Zandvliet, CEO at Symbid

Read on for more information about these keynotes, and check our website for the full program.

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Win Your Own Conference Room during Festival of Games VIII

We have already given away several tickets to the Creative Spirit Conference, but for our final competition we have an extra special prize: your very own conference room at the Festival of Games!

Tell us what you would do with your own conference room, and we will give the best, most creative or simply crazy idea the opportunity to be realized at the Festival of Games! Do you have an idea for a workshop, or would you like to show off your latest project? Maybe you would like to do a game-inspired poetry reading? Or how about a video game character fasion show? It’s your conference room, so anything goes!

The winning idea will be announced on Monday, April 16.

Send your idea to info@nlgd.nl, and maybe we’ll see you in your own conference room at the Festival of Games!

Give Your Career a Boost or Get it Started at the Career Fair

With companies like Guerrilla Games, InnoGames, BigPoint looking for new talent, the Career Fair is the place to give your career a boost or get it started. These companies are looking for junior and senior game professionals such as developers, artists, designers, programmers, producers and testers.

And every year there is plenty of opportunity for interns to get a high-level work experience. So don’t be afraid to walk up to the recruiters and tell them what you’ve got!

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“TV and Games: Revisiting the Notion of the Second Screen” by Jeroen Elfferich, CEO at Ex Machina, and Mark Sorrell, Development Producer Games and Broadcast at Somethin’ Else

In this talk, Mark Sorrell from Somethin’ Else and Jeroen Elfferich from Ex Machina will talk about TV. And games. And more TV.

Prior to radio & TV turning people into passive media consumers, playing games was the #1 pastime. Video games made a relatively small group of people re-discover the joy of interaction in their entertainment. In the last 5 years the adoption of games has increased immensely. Broadband, mobile devices and social networks have brought in hundreds of millions people that play digitally.

Meanwhile, TV has often been looked down upon by online pundits and gamers alike. Yet TV is still the most powerful media ecosystem and has so far resisted the blame-it-on-the-internet downturn that has hit music, print and even boxed video games so hard. We ‘watch’ more TV than ever before. Nevertheless, TV is up for the biggest shake up since the invention of color TV. And this is because people increasingly go online while watching TV. Using devices that connect via broadband, are mobile and used to access social networks and apps.

The talk will look into some of the consequences for interactive entertainment creators. It will discuss why the second screen is quite often the first screen. It will argue why gamification is an incorrect term and why telification is a correct one. It will address why smart TV’s are pointless, and dumb TV’s will rule our living rooms for eons to come.

“Top 10 Survival Tips for Games” by Ard Bonewald, Director of Studio at GameHouse

As the end of the Mayan calendar closing in so is the old way of doing business. There is no denying that the way we do business and the way we make money off of our games is changing and changing fast. Some will say it will be the apocalypse and the end to everything we know; some will say it will be a new way of thinking.

What we can be sure of is that the role and power balance between developers and publisher is changing. Prepare yourself for the days to come with the “Top 10 Survival Tips for Games”.

“Managing Fast – Growing Online Game Business” by Alexander Karpovich, CEO of AlternativaPlatform

From a gaming start-up to a tech platform, and then back to games – a short instructive story of a successful gaming company. We’ll share our failures, difficulties, solutions and lessons learnt. The session is oriented to managers and top devs, focusing on practical experience gained by a growing team in extreme conditions of the rapidly growing Tanki Online project.

Creating Europe’s Best Performing Gaming Ecosystem

Public Session, 20 April, 3.30 pm, Juliana Conference Room.

The Dutch government is investing in game research. To make this happen the innovation network GATHER (GAmes for SafeTy, Health, Education and IndustRy – Empowering people and change through games) was set up to write the roadmap for gaming in order to strengthen the innovation in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) organizes a special session at the Festival of Games VIII that will be dedicated to this roadmap. Afterwards there is an opportunity to network and match, including drinks. So, come and meet us at the Juliana Conference room.

If you are interested and need more information about this session, please send your questions to ci@nwo.nl! To find out more about GATHER, click here.

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Festival of Games VIII offers a variety of events tuned to the needs of the gaming industry. With it’s focus on Europe, aiming a bit below the radar, Festival of Games’ unique formula promises surprising speakers, to-become-world-famous developers, interesting showcases and Europe’s biggest Career Fair.

It’s up to you to decide which events you want to visit:

  • The Creative Spirit Game Conference
  • The Career Fair – Free Entrance
  • Festival of Games Showcase – Free Entrance

Or all of the above and some of the extra activities?

  • Games & Art powered by Cook and Becker
  • Festival of Games Industry Party
  • INDIGO on the Road
  • Creative Trends Conference
  • GATHER Matchmaking
  • World Food Game

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