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Beginnen in de gameindustrie

Voor studenten of anderen die op zoek zijn naar een ‘baantje’ of stage in de gameindustrie, misschien is onderstaande stagemogelijkheid iets voor je. Je zit dan in ieder geval een aantal maanden lekker in Spanje! Disclaimer: ik ken de organisatie niet, dus contact en werken daar is voor eigen risico. Ben wel benieuwd wat je er van vond als je geweest bent.


Internships the best way to experience a potential career path

At times it may be hard to find work that will give you the experience you need to land your dream job or to kick-start your career. Internships are a great way to gain work experience while working in your field of study.
Doing your internship at Enzyme will give you the fantastic opportunity to polish your English and/or Spanish skills while working with colleagues from 17 different countries. On top of this you will learn how to approach QA testing from one of the leaders in the quality area. Enzyme Testing Labs owns a ISO 9001:2008 certification which it will guarantee you that you learn solid QA processes and Testing methodologies.

Your main responsibilities doing your internship as a Linguistic Tester of Video Games will be:

• Run test suites, spot any kind of linguistic mistakes in your language and report the bugs found.
• Follow the internal procedures to be aligned with the ISO certification.
• Verify that bugs have been fixed and implemented correctly.
• Ensure that correct Hardware Manufacturer Terminology is used.

We understand that at the beginning landing in a position like this without prior experience might be overwhelming, but you should not be afraid, you just need to provide your will to learn and do your best and we will put “the rest”. This “rest” includes several action items such as a mentor assignment.

This mentor that Enzyme will assign to you will help you while doing your internship.
He will work closely with you to develop your skills and to ensure you are performing your assigned tasks.
He will provide timely and substantive feedback during the internship in ways that both challenge and guide you. At Enzyme you will have that through regular meetings. We will give you also a final feedback report at the end of the internship which states the experience you gained and the skills you improved.

If you like video games and you like traveling this is great experience for you!

What to expect from this internship:

• We don’t believe in the stereotype of intern´s tasks like “prepare coffee, make photocopies, scan documents…”.You will be working in a multicultural, professional, dynamic and friendly environment and be fully integrated in a team/project having the same responsibilities as a “standard” employee.


• Excellent knowledge of your mother tongue.
• Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills, both in English and your mother tongue.
• Exceptional attention to details.
• Must be motivated and able to remain focused until project completion.
• The ability to write precise, unambiguous, and concise documentation in English.
• Team worker spirit.
• Passion and experience playing games in different platforms is mandatory.
• Preferably in the last year of your studies.

We offer:
Generally speaking, internships are unpaid, but we offer the following:
• We pay your Round-Trip ticket to Spain
• We pay your accommodation during the whole period of the Internship
• Other benefits will be discussed based on individual skills.
(If your field of studies is related with the tasks, check the chances you have to apply for an Erasmus grant at your University, we will be happy to help you with all the documents to get it)

Location, duration and schedule:

Company: Enzyme Testing Labs www.enzyme.org
C/ Trespaderne 29, Edificio Barajas I. 28042, Madrid. Spain
Duration: To be discussed during the recruitment process. The Internship average duration is around 4 months.

Send us an email to empleo AT enzyme.org with your CV and a presentation letter if you want to become part of this program.